Temporary buildings

What will you use the building for?
Which materials and layout do you want?
How long will the building stand?

When the regulations and/or by-laws preclude the setting up of permanent solutions, modular buildings are an efficient alternative that can be implemented in most cases. The quality is so good that the building can remain permanently.

Good ventilation

Needless to say, we supply balanced ventilation with and without air-conditioning in accordance with applicable regulations. We plan and build the vent network with a view to simple disassembly, moving, and re-asembly.

Minimal interventions in the terrain

With temporary buildings, solutions for cheap foundation work are often desirable. When setting up temporary buildings, simple wood foundations on a flat/firm bed is often adequate. Of course, this assumes good ground condition.


With minimal ground intervention, costs are kept down, while also keeping clearing-up costs to a minimum.

Easy to build
Easy to remove