Staff restaurants


Should the staff restaurant be integrated?
Should it be included as a separate building?
How many guests should it serve?

A good staff restaurant can fill its users with energy. This is an assertion we defend, and on which we base our planning and building. We supply everything, ranging from small cafeteria units and domestic science class rooms to commercial kitchens with eating area for hundreds of people.

In accordance with all regulations and requirements

We supply staff restaurants with refrigeration rooms, freezing facilities, ventilation plants, and adequate ventilation in relation to the size and usage. Our requirements to our subcontractors are just as strict as what we expect of ourselves, and we only deal with serious players in the industry.

Cutting-edge expertise

In co-operation with you as our principal, our architects and advisers will help develop the best solution for the project in question, be it a school building, kindergarten, offices, a boarding school, a block of bed-sitters, homes for assisted living, or a hotel.

Round food. Long food. Hot food. Cold food. Mild food. Strong food. Good-looking food.
Weird food. Delicious food. A little food. More food. A lot of food. Thank you for the meal!