Technical solutions


What form of heating is appropriate?
Shall we conceal cables and lighting?
Do you need a network for telephone and IT?

Alternative energy sources also play a role in the office. As standard equipment for our modular buildings we provide thermostatically-controlled electric heaters. But we can easily accommodate radiators and water-borne heating. If you want heater cables in the floor, we can install these in accordance with applicable regulations. (Maximum 80 watt per square metre in timberwork floors.)

It should look good. That is why we recommend concealed cabling

By positioning the ducts for cables when building the modules in the factory, we prepare the modules for low voltage installations. The electric installations can be hidden from sight, there are a range of options for lighting.

Good ventilation

We pre-engineer the ventilation system in accordance with applicable conditions. The canal ducts are placed in the corridors, the attics or crawl space. We place generators in the building's technical areas, or on the roof. If the office building has other special requirements, we work toghether with the parties involved, and supply the modules in accordance with agreed specifications.