Communal areas


Who is going to use them?
What do they want?
Which shared functions are being considered?

Employees that enjoy themselves at work tend to be more productive. Statistics also show that they have less absence from work due to illness. Well-planned common areas and functions increase well-being: the way you are received in the reception area; the quality of the air in the conference room; the toilets; the cloakroom; what you are served in the staff restaurant and what it looks like there.

Positive experiences

Good solutions can be just as economical as those that are just so-so. The right colour and furnishings don't have to be more expensive. Wear-resistant surfaces that are easy to clean contribute to increased well-being. Needless to say, we have designed our products to ensure good hygienic conditions.

In accordance with the agreed framework

As a result of many years' experience, we can provide you with useful input in order to arrive at solutions that work.

Do you want bars mounted on the wall, to hang from?

(To stretch out the back, in accordance with the physio's recommendations...)