What image do you want the office building to project?
Do you want a customised building?
How should the surface areas be used to ensure optimum use?

We build both large and small office buildings quickly and efficiently, all the time working to produce a good working environment. The outer cladding gives the building the desired architectural look. Indoor details, such as choice of materials, colours and surface structure contribute to giving the building the distinctive stamp that best suits the activities to be carried out there.

Well-planned work places

Each workplace can be customised to suit the distinctive, particular requirements of the business. The modules' measurements are in accordance with standard size office furniture, and therefore ensure that every single square metre is used in the best possible way.

Cost-effective and practical

A module-based office building has many advantages and few limitations. The economics of the building process are well set-out, and very predictable. Increasing or reducing the surface area during the process is easy. Because the site is prepared at the same time as the modules are built, often several at a time, it is possible to finish the building in a very short time.

Canteen, computer room, reception area ...

Establishing these joint functions can be costly. Considering the following may therefore be wise:  What do we need? A few extra offices - or an entirely new office building, with everything belonging to an office building?
Statoil Vest at Forus considered this question, and realised that building three additional office wings to the existing service building made good financial sense.

Modular houses are dynamic buildings
for dynamic requirements.

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