Ormen Lange


Hotel standard
All meals included
2500 people simultaneously

Norsk Hydro is building a gas terminal for the Ormen Lange field in the Norwegian Sea at Aukra, west of Molde. In cooperation with Bautas, Malthus has a contract with Skanska for supplying all buildings for the temporary buliding camp.

Possibly Norway's largest hotel with all meals included?

The contract includes establishing and lease of what to date is Norway's largest building camp, with a total surface area of 60,000 m². In addition to staff camps, the contract includes the establishment and lease of temporary offices, cloakrooms, service buildings, sports and leisure buildings, athletics centre, and staff restaurant. The contract also includes the establishment of camp barracks for offices, dayrooms, eating areas, and toilets within the construction area.

Up to October 2007

Establishment of the building camp has already begun, and the plan is to complete this by the spring of 2006. The camp was officially opened on 15 December 2004. The stepping up and down of the building camp's size will follow the staffing plan in the development project throughout, which is to be concluded no later than 31 October 2007.

One million overnight stays

The camp is planned with a total of 50 separate residential blocks in two floors. Each block is to include 44 living units. All commuters will be given modern individual rooms with their own toilets and shower. An operating company will run the building camp along the "hotel principle," i.e. the residents will be given rooms for the period they are to stay at the camp, and check out when they have days off or holidays. Next time they come to work, they will be given a new room. This ensures rational operations.

The Nyhamna construction area is on the island of Gossen in the municipality of Aukra, west of Molde. A temporary camp for ground work.