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All sizes
Focusing on well-being

How large is the project? What are the needs of those who are to live there? Will they stay for weeks at a time? Over how long a period?

From 10 to 2500 rooms, with all facilities

A well-working quartering camp is customised to the size of the project, and the users? needs. A designated staff restaurant, common room/recreation room with computers, tv, etc., are all matters of course, whether the camp is within or outside of the construction area itself.

Full flexibility

Happy workers work better. That is why we are concerned with fulfi lling the construction workers? wishes, and supplying specially-designed solutions adapted to very project. In addition to planning and building the camp, we are also happy to take responsibility for co-ordinating the players involved - such as catering, ports and leisure, operations, cooking teams, external catering, or anything else that might be required.

It?s all about well-being

Cafés with outdoor areas, gym, cinema, internet café, table tennis, billiards, dart, squash, plastic halls, indoor football fi elds, temporary athletics centres... In a large camp, it makes sense to include a large range of sports and leisure measures. For smaller camps, we carry out analyses in order to arrive at what will make the users as satisfi ed as possible.

A small camp, or well-being for thousands of workers? We have experience!

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