How many stars do you want?
Which architectural style do you want?
Do you want to include a restaurant, a gym, and a swimming pool?

Module-built hotel rooms have it all. Nobody who has seen the Rica Gardermoen
Hotel thinks of workmen’s huts. All guests are satisfied that they stayed at a new and comfortable hotel. Modular building is a building method with full freedom of choice with regard to architectural expression, style, and quality.

Quick building time

- The hotel is ready, six months from the date it was ordered.

Smaller space requirements

- Because most of the building is pre-fabricated, the need for rigging space is reduced.

The activity on the building site

is reduced to a minimum.

Less building noise

- This form of building is gentler on the surroundings.

More value for money

- The building can be completed in a shorter period of time than with traditional building methods.

Examples of hotels built with the modular building method:
RICA Hotel, Mo in Rana. Rica Travel Hotel, Gardermoen. RICA Hotel, the North Cape. RICA Hotel,Svolvær. Quality Hotel, Røros. Trædal Turisthotell, Sunndalsøra. Montana, Bergen.

Great flexibility along the way

Modular building makes it easy to increase the number of rooms in the operational phase if necessary. The sleeping wings can be extended quickly and with little impact on the surroundings, so that the daily operations are not disturbed significantly.

All done, as ordered

If you want to start using parts of the hotel even more quickly, each room can be lifted into place ready-furnished, including curtains!

Full freedom of choice

You decide the building's length and width, the number of floors, ceiling height and roofing, outside form and roof angle, facade cladding, floors, walls, ceilings, windows, doors, and technical installations.

The modules work like lego bricks:

If you can think it, we build it.

And then, great flexibility

After you have finished using the modules, the building can be moved and sold in a different market. The site can therefore be made available for new uses.

An advantageous financial perspective. Experience has shown that this method of building results in quicker depreciation for tax purposes, which, in turn, results in lower residual value when the agreement expires.