Modular Buildings

Building system of the future

Modular buildings are prefabricated rooms that are assembled according to your wishes and needs. The construction method provides a high degree of flexibility and opportunities for reuse. The buildings may well be pre furnished with the "key in the door."

Architectual freedom

Only a professional builder will be able to tell that the completed building is made up of modules. The exterior cladding, roof and decorative details give the modular building the right architectural look, whether you are building an entire building or adding a new wing to an existing building.

Shorter building time

Because almost 90% of all construction work takes place in a single factory building, this can be done at the same time as the site is being prepared, and all the ground work and foundation is being done. The degree of building noise is reduced to a minimum, and there is less need for recreational cabins and parking for the construction workers.

Better quality control

Indoors pre-fabrication is efficient. The work is done at a high pace. All tools are readily available. The craftsmen have to cover shorter distances. The conditions make thorough checks along the way possible. The halls where the modules are built are customized to the work being done. Use of high-end technical equipment results in a high degree of accuracy and efficiency. Good planning and total overview afford little space for surprises. Within the factory location, there are no temperature variations, no risk of damage by damp or other external factors affecting the work. Regardless of whether it rains cats and dogs, the snow is falling in heaps, or there is wind from all sides, the building progresses in accordance with the agreed work schedule.

A more environmentally friendly building site

The modules are built inside, in a controlled environment. Here, we have prepared for maximum re-cycling of building waste as we work, following established, environmentally friendly, procedures. The amount of waste on the building site is thus reduced significantly.

Good economical sense

Modular buildings are a very cost competitive alternative. They are built using a rational building method. With optimal conditions, costs are kept down and under control.
The short building time also makes for good financial results, as the project has lower interest rates on the building loan.


We build both large and small office buildings quickly and efficiently, all the time working to produce a good working environment. The outer cladding gives the building the desired architectural look. Indoor details, such as choice of materials, colours and surface structure contribute to giving the building the distinctive stamp that best suits the activities to be carried out there.

Temporary buildings

When the regukations and/or by-laws preclude the setting up of permanent solutions, modular buildings are an efficient alternative that can be implemented in most cases. The quality is so good that the building can remain permanently.

Commercial kitchens and staff restaurants

We build staff restaurants that can stand wear and tear. Whether the users come directly from the construction site in their work clothes, or choose to change before eating, we take the necessary steps to ensure that well-being is given centre stage.

Malthus Camp Hotel©

From 10 to 2500 rooms, with all facilities A well-working quartering camp is customised to the size of the project, and the users? needs. A designated staff restaurant, common room/recreation room with computers, tv, etc., are all matters of course, whether the camp is within or outside of the construction area itself.

Workforce accommodation

Our modular buildings can attend to housing the workers for a shorter or longer period. In addition to living/rest areas, we can supply well-functioning staff restaurants, laundries and all sorts of common areas, the necessary office and service buildings with space for everything you might need in terms of banking and postal services, shops, kiosks, doctor's and dentist offices, etc.


Module-built hotel rooms have it all. Nobody who has seen the Rica Gardermoen Hotel thinks of workmen’s huts. All guests are satisfied that they stayed at a new and comfortable hotel. Modular building is a building method with full freedom of choice with regard to architectural expression, style, and quality.