Malthus is ISO certified

The certification means that Malthus systems and processes for monitoring quality are reviewed and approved in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008. This means that business processes and management systems will be monitored regularly by internal and external audits - ref demand for continuous improvement. The aim will be to ensure the most efficient, safe, quality and environmentally-friendly operation.

From before Malthus is certified by Achilles, registered supplier in StartBANK and "central approval as responsible according to the plan- and building regulations"

Why get certified

We see that the industry is changing. Several of our clients have requested that quality management system should be certified according to ISO. We decided in spring 2012 to start a ISO certification process. Malthus Norway and Malthus Canada is now certified according to ISO 9001:2008. Our employees has demonstrated great commitment and participations. The fact that we now have certified companies will benefit our customers in structured working methods, focusing on planning and optimal project execution. We believe that it is positive that Malthus contributes to setting a high quality standard within our industry and believe more vendors will be following.

Future-oriented online system

When Malthus Norway and Malthus Canada decided to implement an ISO certification, management knew that it was going to be an extensive process. Our companies had two very different starting points. Malthus Norway the oldest and largest, while Malthus Canada the youngest and smallest, at least in the workforce. The companies already had a safety and quality management system in place when the process began. This is now being developed in accordance with ISO 9001:2008. It is used a lot of time going through the material that was available, now updated and revised. This survey has been very helpful and informative. Now we have a future-oriented, web-based system that describes the activities within our companies.

Good feedback

To be certified, it is not sufficient just having a quality management system in place. A accredited auditor must conduct audits of corporate systems to ensure that "life and teaching" votes, that we operate as we have described in our quality management system. The auditor gave us a very good feedback. This is largely thanks to the great efforts made throughout the company. With the ISO certificate well in port, continual improvements at Malthus must be demonstrated to retain the ISO 9001 certificate. The auditor will come back every year to make sure that we keep the quality level of our work.

Customer satisfaction is important to Malthus business philosophy. Our business and operational processes are developed and implemented so that we can deliver quality in all our products and services. We ensure that all our activities are carried out in accordance with customers' requirements and expectations, applicable laws and regulations. Our activities take place without causing harm to people, environment and property. We are constantly striving to improve the effectiveness of our HSE & Quality Management System and make systematic collection and analysis of customer satisfaction surveys. Our objectives focus customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. Management is committed to ensuring the implementation of policies and objectives by reviewing and regularly monitor performance.


Malthus is ISO certified
We are proud to have received approval for our quality management system according to ISO 9001 (International recognized standard for quality management)
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