Malthus School

Sounder operations  -  Greater enthusiasm  -   Stronger team spirit


What are the prerequisites for success?

The challenge to everyone who works at Malthus is to ensure continued growth and a sound development of all the branches of the company. The development of key personnel has therefore been defined as an important criterion for success. Good managers bring out the best in their employees and ensure that our customers are satisfied by doing a good job. It?s that simple. Really.

Common goal

The Malthus Management School is an untraditional management development forum that is seemingly organised as a traditional primary school. The idea is to
ensure sound operations at Malthus by bringing out positive drives in our people. Each gathering has a main topic that is the focus of the individual school lessons. Each lesson is 45 minutes long, which makes it easier to study the main topic from different perspectives. During the lessons the participants must solve challenges and tasks that are quite untraditional at times. A good sense of humour and a wink of the eye are important prerequisites for all interaction,
which is clearly illustrated in the photos here.

Work should be fun!


Management is the art of having hindsight in advance...