About us

Malthus AS is a solid, international contractor and trade business. Important product groups within modular buildings are offices, hotels, quartering and accommodation camps included commercial kitchens and staff restaurants.

Our customers value our local project management, local service, local building management and local service personnel. We have our own staff of technical consultants with extensive experience with custom adaptation of temporary and permanent structures. The company also has specialists with 30 years of experience within their field with full mastery of any challenge you face today.

Our solutions are the result of our slogan; Inspiration and teamwork. Inspiration in our case means initiative, creativity, knowledge, innovation and a positive attitude. Teamwork emphasises that we work together towards a common goal.

Our vision is simple and constitutes a direct approach to our objectives for Malthus as a business and all our employees as human beings: GROWTH - and development.

Defining the future of modular buildings

Malthus AS is a solid, international contractor and trade business with the willingness and ability to complete any projects that are started. We have written history for 30 years and are known for our long-term perspective.

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